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so, i’m just going to kind of lay it on the line and be as soul-bearing-y as possible. here’s the skinny: you may or may not have noticed that my productivity in terms of artwork and my comic Dinogeddon has slowed significantly, at times coming to a screeching halt. life happens, as it does to all of us, but the main reason behind this for me is that for the past 4 years or so, i’ve worked highly stressful day jobs that put me in constant stressful social situations with angry people — the most recent of which i had to deal with being verbally abused on a daily basis (and sometimes threatened with physical violence). now this is no big deal if you are a strong person and can handle it, as i thought i was and could, but unfortunately, i’ve had to come to terms with the fact that my mental health and well-being as a person can’t take it anymore. i’ve reluctantly decided the best thing for me is to quit my job, after having a breakdown at work and having to go to the hospital yesterday. i’ve had a long history of suffering from anxiety and depression, and this most recent job has only elevated it to epic levels, despite searching for less stressful jobs, seeking psychiatric help and being on medication.

the problem is that now i’m faced with a whole new stressful situation, one which most of us as artists know all too well, the question of how to survive financially. i’m planning to pursue social security disability, but i’m told this can be a long, arduous process, especially if you have to appeal. and in the meantime, i have a small cluster of debt from former hospitalizations, from hospitalizing my cat Salem before she died, and a couple of other patches of past unemployment. /sob story

i know there’s no reason for anyone else to be concerned about this, or care. but here’s the thing: if i can take care of this debt i have, it would be entirely plausible for me to scrape by while i apply for disability/procure another job, and free me up to do more artwork, make more comics, and update everything more often!

so, on that note, i’m opening up commissions! i prefer doing drawings of specific characters, either a character from something or your own original one, whatever. i don’t like doing portraits. and please, no fetishes or overly sexual content; that’s about all my requirements. :)

check out my deviantart account for more examples of my work! :)

simple b&w digital sketch - $10 (one character; add $5 for each additional character)
color digital sketch - $20 (one character; add $10 for each additional character)
fully “inked,” polished b&w digital piece - $50 (one character; add $10 for each additional character)
fully “inked,” colored, polished digital piece - $75 (one character; add $10 for each additional character)

prices can be negotiated if you want a specific, complex background or object in the piece, or if you’re more interested in a traditional piece of art. i’m willing to work with you on pricing, just shoot me a message! :)

oh, and if you don’t care for my artwork but are still a super nice wonderful awesome person and just would like to help me out, you can make a donation to my PayPal account to tigermassacre@gmail.com :)

and if nothing else, maybe you could at least spread the word of my commissions? i don’t have a very far-reaching radar, so any help would be appreciated!

 thanks, everybody! 

Great art for a good cause guys!

:) plz, guys

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Friday, 3 - 08 - 2012

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