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'You need to read YOUR manga dude!' replied william shatner 

#captains log stardate 92405.78 today i destroyed this fuckin weeb nerd; (via kaijuno)

sometimes i don’t hate the internet

one of my cabinets.


one of my cabinets.


"Ghost" by DiamondDustTaxidermy on Deviantart.
Plus, how to make your own here. 

Sleeping Cat in A Hoodie
batscoundrel asked: OhMyGoshOhMyGosh are you seriously following me aaaaaa <3

i didn’t know you had a tumblr or i’d have followed you sooner! :)

lilylilymine asked: I'd definitly watch your vlog!!!

aww, thanks Jessi, you’re the best! <3


Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Uranus &amp; Neptune) walking in tandem ♥ for my dear friend Tabby's birthday and anniversary!! 


Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Uranus & Neptune) walking in tandem ♥ for my dear friend Tabby's birthday and anniversary!! 


As C.M. Kosemen explains throughout All Yesterdays, we really can’t ever know how much fat and other soft tissues contributed to the overall shape of dinosaurs since that’s the first thing to rot and shrivel tight against their bones and like even a sperm whale has a little skinny skeleton.

so like



how would we know?

i think about this a lot

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Everything you need to know about dermatillomania (also known as skin picking disorder or excoriation disorder).

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Because we all need them.. even in our tumblr pages. 
Dreamy decorations/furniture [b&w stripes][dreamy decorations1]

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i’m thinking about becoming a vlogger…

as if i needed yet another hobby. partly inspired by a lot of vloggers i enjoy watching, and my experience podcasting with Nick Marino.

i’m thinking about tackling a vast array of topics, ranging from plus size fashion and make up / hair, product reviews, art / drawing processes or tutorials, to maybe more personal subjects, like my experiences and challenges being fat, gender stuff, my struggles with mental disorders and crappy jobs, etc.

if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to talk about, or like to see me make a video about, please ask me and let me know! i really wanna make some good and interesting videos.

takeawaikonthewildside asked: omg are you from detroit?

i’m originally from Alabama, but i’ve been living in Metro Detroit for almost a decade now :)


Niagara Detroit

female Detroit artists represent ✊

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